I got my brothers on hand

Juan and I, Trinity College, Dublin. Pic: Clare Kleinedler

Juan and I, Trinity College, Dublin.
Pic: Clare Kleinedler

A RARE thing happened last weekend.

I spent some time with my two brothers-in-law. In the same room. At the same time. No Skype necessary.

On one side was Cathal, my sister’s husband. On the opposite side of the room was Juan, my sister-in-law’s spouse.

We all hooked up, with wives and friends, to see Juan performing at the Button Factory in Dublin, where he played with hip hop collective Deltron 3030.

Afterwards we spent a short while catching up in a nearby bar.

Such meetings don’t happen very often; which is unsurprising, as we live more than 5,000 miles away from each other.

It didn’t last too long but it was great to get the family under one roof (albeit without my sister-in-law Anne, sadly stranded in LA for the night) for a couple of hours.

The conversation reminded me of how lucky I am.

Aside from being brothers-in-law par excellence Juan and Cathal have two things in common. They’re both craftsmen, guys who are talented with their hands.

Cathal’s an engineer and expert on all things electric. Juan’s a top bassist.

As a guy more used to breaking, rather than making, things with my hands they both make feel very inadequate – but in a good way.

About the only useful thing I can accomplish with my mitts is typing, so consider this post a seasonal shout-out to Cathal and Juan, to brothers-in-law and brothers of all and any types.

Happy Christmas guys.

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One thought on “I got my brothers on hand

  1. That Tullamore Dew video is priceless. I hope that is all three of us some day.

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