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Waiting until an innocent person is killed

Another day, another report of a violent and unprovoked attack on our streets.
On this occasion a 25-year-old photographer was badly beaten up as he walked home in Celbridge, Co Kildare.
Kieran Broderick was approached by three men who struck him with a bottle without provocation, leaving him with stomach-churning injuries.
Such was the violence of the attack that his injuries could have been much, much worse.
The same gang are also suspected of earlier mugging a 19-year-old man in the area.
Kieran Broderick’s story is one that has become increasingly common in recent years.
Random, unprovoked acts of violence, often fuelled by drink or drugs, are now a regular occurrence, often with fatal results.
One shocking incident was the death of Polish fish worker Lukasz Rzeszu in Coolock, who was kicked to death by three men “for a buzz”.
Violent anti-social behaviour hit the headlines in the mayhem at the recent Swedish House Mafia show in the Phoenix Park.
But it can also been seen daily in the open drug-dealing and assaults that take place on Dublin’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street.
What happens there is replicated, albeit to a lesser degree, in cities and towns around the country.
Despite pledges from our politicians, and meetings between the Justice Minister and sorely under-resourced gardai, nothing seems to change.
Is it a case of waiting until the next unfortunate innocent is killed?

This post first appeared in the Evening Herald, July 27, 2012